Seven and a half-year old girl donates money to Animal Rescue Network

14 Jul

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Hannah Jarvis, a delightful seven and a half-year old girl from Mt. Airy, presented Animal Rescue Network (ARN) with a donation check for $55.72 on Sunday, July 10, 2011, at one of ARN’s regular adoption events at Weaver’s Way Co-op in Mt. Airy.

Marilyn Kass-Jarvis, Hannah’s mom, is a certified American Sign Language interpreter and has been donating her interpreting skills at our recent adoption events.  This time, she and her husband brought their daughter, Hannah, who surprised ARN with a donation of money she has been saving.

When asked what prompted Hannah to do this, Mrs. Kass-Jarvis said the following:

“When Hannah learned that charity (“tzedakah”, in Hebrew) was an important Jewish value, she started collecting money to give away.   She saved coins and even dollar bills from birthday money, money she earned by doing chores for her grandmother, and coins she found on the street (a penny here, a nickel there.)  Sometimes, her aunts or uncles would give her some change for no reason and she’d put it in her tzedakah box.  She feels good to save up for a worthy cause.   We discussed with her how and where she could donate and she identified homeless animals and sick children as causes that have meaning to her.  She loves cats and when I became familiar with ARN (through my co-op work hours), I  suggested it as a place to donate the money.   In her own words, she says that she chose ARN “because some cats don’t have homes or have been hurt” and she thought that’s a good reason to collect tzedakah and give to try to help them.  (I do want to “brag” as a proud mom that when we counted up her tzedakah money and the money she was saving for herself, there was more in the tzedakah box.)”

We, at Animal Rescue Network, would like to wholeheartedly thank Hannah for her generous donation to our rescue.  We feel it’s important to note that among all of the kind and generous donations we have received, this is the first donation that ARN has received from a child. 

Thank You, Hannah!  You are definitely an asset to your community.


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