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Momma Candi and her four little ones.

21 May



Kitten walks into my life. Needs foster care…

13 Jan

1/12/12:  I was out back feeding my garage cat crew Tuesday and in walks this little black kitten, starving and frightened. The vet said she’s about 10 weeks old. She spent the night at the vet’s last night and today she was tested for FIV and FeLV(negative), de-wormed and vaccinated for FVRCP. Poor little thing. I wonder if she’s someone’s discarded Christmas present????

Would love to get her into foster care until she’s old enough and weighs enough to be spayed, if anyone out there is interested.

Call Terry at 215-878-0444 or email

Cat’s life saved by kind, compassionate rescuers from East Falls

17 Dec

Last weekend, we received a call from a woman in East Falls who said that her daughter had been feeding a feral cat in their backyard for a while.  She said they feared the cat might be pregnant since her belly looked distended.  She said they tried to catch the cat several times but the cat would run when approached.  We offered the woman the use of one of our traps, which she accepted, and gave her detailed instructions on how to set it up properly for maximum effectiveness.  In the meantime we made an appointment at the Cube for the cat for the following day.

At first the cat didn’t want to go into the trap but we told her to take out the bait she was using and put in sardines.  And voila!  The cat immediately went into the trap.  Success!!

By 11:30 a.m. the following day, the cat was out of surgery and when the woman and her daughter arrived to pick her up, they were shocked when the Cube staff told them the cat was not pregnant BUT she had been suffering from pyometra, which is an infected uterus.  They told her the cat’s uterus contained 4 pounds of pus.  They also told her the cat would have died if they hadn’t gotten her when they did.

The woman and her daughter saved this cat’s life, so a HUGE congratulations goes out to them.  They have taken the cat into their home for the 2 weeks required for recovery and have set her up in a nice dog crate so she can recuperate comfortably.

Let’s think about this for a minute…….with all the hectic schedules people have in their lives today, these two women put their lives on hold to rescue this cat.  They went online to find someone who could give them guidance and help.  They jumped in their car to come to pick up the trap we offered.  They ran home and immediately set up the trap – AND trapped the cat.  They brought the trapped cat into their home for the night and the next morning got up early to take the cat to the clinic.  Then they made themselves available all day to go get the cat post-surgery when the clinic called.  And finally, without question, they agreed to care for the cat for two weeks while she goes through her recovery period and administer antibiotics as well.  These people are the salt of the earth.  It’s people like Marie, and her daughter, Tracy, who jump right in and get the job done, who make our hearts sing.  Thank you, Marie and Tracy, for a job well done!


Adopted!! Adorable October Babies

27 Oct

UPDATE:  All kittens are living the good life in their new forever homes.  Three kittens, (the 2 calicos and the orange tabby) were adopted by a lovely couple from Chestnut Hill, and the white/cream colored Siamese mix was adopted by a lovely woman from Roxborough.  What a great first Christmas these little babies will have, not to mention the wonderful lives that lay ahead for these lucky kitties.

These dear little kittens were found soon after they were born, on the morning of October first, with their exhausted mother, on a porch in West Mount Airy. They are two weeks old in these photos, but a week an a half later have become very mobile, and are quite sociable and curious about people. They will be old enough to leave their mom and go to loving, forever homes in December.

Helping Hands Fundraiser week at the Trolley Cars!

5 Oct Trolley Car Helping Hands Coupon

You are invited to a Helping Hands Week Fundraiser for Animal Rescue Network at Trolley Car Diner & Trolley Car Cafe! From Monday, Oct 10th to Sunday, Oct 16th Trolley Car Diner & Trolley Car Café will donate 15% of your purchase to Animal Rescue Network. The more you eat and drink, the more you help us meet our fundraising goals!  Spread the word – with great food and over 200 varieties of beer, you’re bound to have a great time!

Coupon valid 7am to 9pm Monday – Friday and 3pm to 9pm Saturday & Sunday.

Diner – 7619 Germantown Ave., Phila, PA 19119; Café – 3269 S. Ferry Rd., Phila, Pa 19129

If your organization is interested in scheduling a Helping Hands Week Fundraiser, contact Michele Orellana at 215-247-5555 x205 or

Louie and Lele adopted into wonderful home

18 Jul

7/17/11:  Louie and Lele went to their wonderful new forever home today. 

After several months in foster care, and numerous trips to the Vet to cure a case of coccidia (intestinal parasite), they were finally healthy and ready to move in with Alice, Charles and Pat Henderson of Essington, PA. 

When I arrived with the kittens today and saw all the preparations Alice made to welcome Louie and Lele ( who may be renamed George and Gracie), I was jealous and felt like I wanted to move in too!  Alice was oh so ready for her new kittens.  She got them a 6 foot-tall cat tree with all the compartments, scratching posts and platforms that would make any cat ecstatic.  New beds, toys, and treats awaited their arrival. 

They spent most of their time checking out the new digs until we had to break up their fun and trim their nails – not too much fussing from either one.  After more than a month of being sick and not feeling well, these cats are now healthy and happy and ever so lucky to have found a home with such a wonderful family.  Good luck to Louie and Lele and their new owners, Alice, Charles, and Pat.  Your kitties hit the jackpot!


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Seven and a half-year old girl donates money to Animal Rescue Network

14 Jul

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Hannah Jarvis, a delightful seven and a half-year old girl from Mt. Airy, presented Animal Rescue Network (ARN) with a donation check for $55.72 on Sunday, July 10, 2011, at one of ARN’s regular adoption events at Weaver’s Way Co-op in Mt. Airy.

Marilyn Kass-Jarvis, Hannah’s mom, is a certified American Sign Language interpreter and has been donating her interpreting skills at our recent adoption events.  This time, she and her husband brought their daughter, Hannah, who surprised ARN with a donation of money she has been saving.

When asked what prompted Hannah to do this, Mrs. Kass-Jarvis said the following:

“When Hannah learned that charity (“tzedakah”, in Hebrew) was an important Jewish value, she started collecting money to give away.   She saved coins and even dollar bills from birthday money, money she earned by doing chores for her grandmother, and coins she found on the street (a penny here, a nickel there.)  Sometimes, her aunts or uncles would give her some change for no reason and she’d put it in her tzedakah box.  She feels good to save up for a worthy cause.   We discussed with her how and where she could donate and she identified homeless animals and sick children as causes that have meaning to her.  She loves cats and when I became familiar with ARN (through my co-op work hours), I  suggested it as a place to donate the money.   In her own words, she says that she chose ARN “because some cats don’t have homes or have been hurt” and she thought that’s a good reason to collect tzedakah and give to try to help them.  (I do want to “brag” as a proud mom that when we counted up her tzedakah money and the money she was saving for herself, there was more in the tzedakah box.)”

We, at Animal Rescue Network, would like to wholeheartedly thank Hannah for her generous donation to our rescue.  We feel it’s important to note that among all of the kind and generous donations we have received, this is the first donation that ARN has received from a child. 

Thank You, Hannah!  You are definitely an asset to your community.

Martini – Adopted on 9/30/11

9 Jul

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7/8/11:  One of our group members found a female chihuahua or chihuahua mix (11 pounds) wandering the streets in the pouring rain at Wissahickon Ave. & Schoolhouse Lane in Germantown.  Contact Terry May at or call 215-878-0444.

7/29/11:  Well, it is now 3 weeks since we found her and no one has come forward to claim this precious little girl.  We posted on cragislist, notified all the shelters in the area, searched lost dog websites and got nothing. 

Linda, our group member who found this little doggie, named her Martine (but I call her Martini.)   Martini is approximately 3 years old, was already spayed, is now up to date on all her shots.  We took her to the Vet and got her updated on vaccinations as soon as she came under our care.

Martini is a delightful little girl.  She’s not a yappy dog… a matter of fact, she’s quiet in the house.  When she’s outside walking on the leash and she sees a person or another doggie approaching she’ll bark.  But she’ll stop if told to do so.

She gets along with the family dog and with all the cats in foster care.  However, she does like to play and will scamper after a cat who might be passing by her.

If you’d like to inquire about adopting Martini, please contact Terry as noted above.

The pictures are of Martini on her first day in rescue at the Vet’s office and of her lounging in bed.

9/30/11:  Martini was adopted today into a wonderful home by a lovely woman named Nancy who lives in Roxborough, PA.  In mid- September, we took Martini to meet Nancy and her 2 other pets, Margarita – a 13-year old Chihuahua, and Mikey, a 13-year old cat.  The home visit went really well.  Margarita and Mikey welcomed Martini with very little fanfare and acted as if she belonged in the family.  Martini spent the visit sniffing around and generally getting familiar with her soon to be new home.  We felt really good about this potential new home for Martini and decided it was a good match.  We felt Martini would fit in nicely and get all the love and attention she deserves.  Naturally it was difficult to part with such a sweet little dog.  Martini captured our hearts immediately when we rescued her.  But knowing she would be going to such a great home made the transition less painful and more joyous.  If only all animals could be so lucky when trying to find their forever homes.

10/3/11:  We received a call from Martini’s new mom, Nancy, saying that Martini seemed to be spotting blood as if she were in heat.  At Martini’s initial vet appointment back on July 9, we found what appeared to be a spay scar but now we’re not sure what’s going on with her.  Her new mom took Martini in for her wellness exam with her new vet and the vet said that if she had been spayed, perhaps a bit of an ovary was left inside which would cause her to go into heat.  Or perhaps she wasn’t spayed and that wasn’t a spay scar after all.  And finally there’s an outside chance she may have a UTI.  Martini’s mom is supposed to watch to see if the spotting changes color to a yellowish tint which would indicate she’s in heat.  If this is the case, ARN will take Martini to have her spayed – as we had indicated she was at the time she was offered for adoption.  This is ARN’s responsibility and we will stand behind what we said and make things right.  In the meantime, the new vet put her on antibiotics in case she’s got a UTI.  Martini has a follow-up with the vet on Monday, October 10.  Martini may need an ultrasound to figure out exactly what’s going on inside if she is, in fact, in heat.  ARN will absorb this cost if that becomes necessary.  In the end, we will get this resolved.  Stay tuned and check back for our updates to this conundrum.

Adopted! – all of these kittens were adopted between 7/2/11 and 7/8/11

26 Jun

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These kittens have been adopted!   Good luck to Orien, Santino, Dantes, and Madonna in your new forever homes!

This gorgeous litter of kittens was born in a kind man’s backyard in the Overbrook section of Philadelphia.  They are now 12 weeks old and on Tuesday, June 28, 2011, they and their mom will be spayed/neutered and vaccinated.  This kind gentleman has been caring for them and their mom since day one.  As the pictures indicate, they are healthy, fluffy, gorgeous and loving. 

Thank you, Michael, for doing such a great job of fostering this beautiful litter of kittens!

Fortunata – adopted 7/10/11

11 Jun

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ADOPTED!:  6/11/11:  Found this little girl late last night (6/10/11) while I was walking my dog.   She must have been abandoned in the park after dark.  I figure it was after dark because there was a kids baseball game going on in that area all day with barbequers etc.  The park was full earlier so it must have been after everyone went home.  I heard her crying out but it took me a while to pinpoint her location.  It was about 11:00 p.m. and it was very dark.  She was huddled down beside a parking curb in the park.  I knew I was getting closer because her cries became louder and more distinct.  So I said, “Where are you?” and up pops this tiny head.  She still needs a bottle but takes small amount of canned cat food on her own.  She’ll go to the vet Monday for her initial check-up.  To inquire about adopting Fortunata email Terry at or call 215-878-0444.

6/13/11:  Fortunata is now eating on her own.  I’m guessing when I brought her home she was a little weak from being out on her own.  But now she’s got all the energy of a kitten.  It’s so fun to watch her play and run around.  What a special little girl she is!

7/10/11:  Fortunata was adopted by Natalie and Kyle who found her at our adoption event at Weaver’s Way Co-op.  Natalie and Kyle are repeat customers to ARN.  They adopted a kitten (Snickers) from us 2 years ago.  Good luck to all!