Martini – Adopted on 9/30/11

9 Jul

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7/8/11:  One of our group members found a female chihuahua or chihuahua mix (11 pounds) wandering the streets in the pouring rain at Wissahickon Ave. & Schoolhouse Lane in Germantown.  Contact Terry May at or call 215-878-0444.

7/29/11:  Well, it is now 3 weeks since we found her and no one has come forward to claim this precious little girl.  We posted on cragislist, notified all the shelters in the area, searched lost dog websites and got nothing. 

Linda, our group member who found this little doggie, named her Martine (but I call her Martini.)   Martini is approximately 3 years old, was already spayed, is now up to date on all her shots.  We took her to the Vet and got her updated on vaccinations as soon as she came under our care.

Martini is a delightful little girl.  She’s not a yappy dog… a matter of fact, she’s quiet in the house.  When she’s outside walking on the leash and she sees a person or another doggie approaching she’ll bark.  But she’ll stop if told to do so.

She gets along with the family dog and with all the cats in foster care.  However, she does like to play and will scamper after a cat who might be passing by her.

If you’d like to inquire about adopting Martini, please contact Terry as noted above.

The pictures are of Martini on her first day in rescue at the Vet’s office and of her lounging in bed.

9/30/11:  Martini was adopted today into a wonderful home by a lovely woman named Nancy who lives in Roxborough, PA.  In mid- September, we took Martini to meet Nancy and her 2 other pets, Margarita – a 13-year old Chihuahua, and Mikey, a 13-year old cat.  The home visit went really well.  Margarita and Mikey welcomed Martini with very little fanfare and acted as if she belonged in the family.  Martini spent the visit sniffing around and generally getting familiar with her soon to be new home.  We felt really good about this potential new home for Martini and decided it was a good match.  We felt Martini would fit in nicely and get all the love and attention she deserves.  Naturally it was difficult to part with such a sweet little dog.  Martini captured our hearts immediately when we rescued her.  But knowing she would be going to such a great home made the transition less painful and more joyous.  If only all animals could be so lucky when trying to find their forever homes.

10/3/11:  We received a call from Martini’s new mom, Nancy, saying that Martini seemed to be spotting blood as if she were in heat.  At Martini’s initial vet appointment back on July 9, we found what appeared to be a spay scar but now we’re not sure what’s going on with her.  Her new mom took Martini in for her wellness exam with her new vet and the vet said that if she had been spayed, perhaps a bit of an ovary was left inside which would cause her to go into heat.  Or perhaps she wasn’t spayed and that wasn’t a spay scar after all.  And finally there’s an outside chance she may have a UTI.  Martini’s mom is supposed to watch to see if the spotting changes color to a yellowish tint which would indicate she’s in heat.  If this is the case, ARN will take Martini to have her spayed – as we had indicated she was at the time she was offered for adoption.  This is ARN’s responsibility and we will stand behind what we said and make things right.  In the meantime, the new vet put her on antibiotics in case she’s got a UTI.  Martini has a follow-up with the vet on Monday, October 10.  Martini may need an ultrasound to figure out exactly what’s going on inside if she is, in fact, in heat.  ARN will absorb this cost if that becomes necessary.  In the end, we will get this resolved.  Stay tuned and check back for our updates to this conundrum.


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