Louie and Lele adopted into wonderful home

18 Jul

7/17/11:  Louie and Lele went to their wonderful new forever home today. 

After several months in foster care, and numerous trips to the Vet to cure a case of coccidia (intestinal parasite), they were finally healthy and ready to move in with Alice, Charles and Pat Henderson of Essington, PA. 

When I arrived with the kittens today and saw all the preparations Alice made to welcome Louie and Lele ( who may be renamed George and Gracie), I was jealous and felt like I wanted to move in too!  Alice was oh so ready for her new kittens.  She got them a 6 foot-tall cat tree with all the compartments, scratching posts and platforms that would make any cat ecstatic.  New beds, toys, and treats awaited their arrival. 

They spent most of their time checking out the new digs until we had to break up their fun and trim their nails – not too much fussing from either one.  After more than a month of being sick and not feeling well, these cats are now healthy and happy and ever so lucky to have found a home with such a wonderful family.  Good luck to Louie and Lele and their new owners, Alice, Charles, and Pat.  Your kitties hit the jackpot!


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