Aubrey & Ozzie

2 Apr

Update: Aubrey & Ozzie were adopted together, and now have a wonderful home!

On February 2, we got a cross-posted e-mail from the staff if a nearby City recreation center. A cat had given birth on their lawn, and she and her two kittens needed to be rescued. ARN went and picked up the little cat family, a beautiful, pale gray tabby, and her two brown tabby kittens about ten days old (their eyes were just beginning to open), a tiny boy, and an even tinier little girl. We rushed them home and set them up in a cage with a heated bed, but sadly, it was too late for the little female kitten. She died about an hour later.

Then we faced a near-crisis when it looked as if Aubrey was not producing milk – it turned out she was, but only in the breast Ozzie (named for Ozzie, a contestant on the TV series, Survivor)was using. Then, another scare – Ozzie’s feet swelled up so badly that the skin burst. All we can figure is that the heating pad should have been covered, and it wasn’t. So the poor little kitty had to have his wounds bathed twice a day and ointment applied, and also have a few drops of Clavamox twice a day. We were afraid he might grow up hating humans after such an inauspicious start in life, but he has inherited his mom’s pleasant, easy-going temperament, and does not appear to be holding a grudge!

We are hoping that they can be adopted together, because they are bonded, and we think Aubrey is fairly young herself. In the meantime, they would benefit by being in a foster home where they don’t have to be caged. It would be much better for their health & happiness!







One Response to “Aubrey & Ozzie”

  1. Ken Wiggs, Jr. March 26, 2013 at 9:07 pm #

    I love the pics of the cats and kittens on the ‘Home’ page. Such beautiful animals!!

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