Fortunata – adopted 7/10/11

11 Jun

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ADOPTED!:  6/11/11:  Found this little girl late last night (6/10/11) while I was walking my dog.   She must have been abandoned in the park after dark.  I figure it was after dark because there was a kids baseball game going on in that area all day with barbequers etc.  The park was full earlier so it must have been after everyone went home.  I heard her crying out but it took me a while to pinpoint her location.  It was about 11:00 p.m. and it was very dark.  She was huddled down beside a parking curb in the park.  I knew I was getting closer because her cries became louder and more distinct.  So I said, “Where are you?” and up pops this tiny head.  She still needs a bottle but takes small amount of canned cat food on her own.  She’ll go to the vet Monday for her initial check-up.  To inquire about adopting Fortunata email Terry at or call 215-878-0444.

6/13/11:  Fortunata is now eating on her own.  I’m guessing when I brought her home she was a little weak from being out on her own.  But now she’s got all the energy of a kitten.  It’s so fun to watch her play and run around.  What a special little girl she is!

7/10/11:  Fortunata was adopted by Natalie and Kyle who found her at our adoption event at Weaver’s Way Co-op.  Natalie and Kyle are repeat customers to ARN.  They adopted a kitten (Snickers) from us 2 years ago.  Good luck to all!


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