Burt and Ernie

20 Apr

ADOPTED!  Burt and Ernie, two tiny male kittens – approximately 2 weeks old, were left in a box on the steps of a church in Olney.  The women working at the church called Animal Rescue Network to see if we would rescue them, which we did.  We picked them up and immediately took them to the Vet.  The kittens had maggots festering on their bodies and hind parts, which the Vet removed.  They had eye infections which required daily application of eye drops.  And they needed to be bottle fed.  (For those unfamiliar with bottle feeders, these babies also needed to be stimulated to urinate and defecate – something their mom would normally do for them.)   They were very small and very hungry – we had no idea how long they had been without their mom.  After seeing the Vet, they went home with their foster mom where they took their first bottle with enormous gusto and did the same with each subsequent meal.

Burt and Ernie thrived in foster care and in October, 2010, (after being neutered and vaccinated) they were adopted by a wonderful family from Flourtown.  Please stay tuned for updated pics from Linda and her daughter, Sarah, who adopted these two cuties.

Two pictures show Burt and Ernie (while in foster care) snoozing with the foster dog, Pup.

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2 Responses to “Burt and Ernie”

  1. Linda (burt and Ernie's owner) August 14, 2011 at 9:51 pm #

    Hi Terry,

    The boys have been great. It’s hard to believe that’s it going to be a year since we adopted them in September. Ernie has a new favorite sport playing with our dog Quinton. They chase each other throughout the house seeing who can catch who first. Burt usually prefers to play with Ernie, but he occasionally hangs with Quinton. We still can’t thank you enough for giving us the best cats in the world. Hope all is well with the rescue.

    Linda and Family 🙂

    • terrymay2000 September 2, 2011 at 2:55 am #

      Hey Linda,

      Thanks for the update and pictures of all your little cutie pies. I was blown away when you sent me pictures of Burt and Ernie. I can’t believe how beautiful they grew up to be – they’re both so stunning. I too can’t believe it’s been a year almost. It doesn’t seem possible. Burt and Ernie came to us with their fair share of problems, having been discarded in a cardboard box and had to deal with all the crappy problems that go with that kind of cruelty, but they were fighters and overcame the odds. And now look at them………they’re in a loving home where they have it GREAT, thanks to you and your family! I love stories with happy endings, don’t you?

      Adoptions have been very slow this year. We think it’s in large part due to the lagging economy. But although adoptions are slow, the need for rescuing has increased. We’re full to the rafters. So if you know anyone looking to adopt, please put in a good word for our rescue. Take care, Linda and thanks!

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