Layla and her kittens (born 4/13/11)

19 Apr

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DID YOU KNOW THAT CATS AND DOGS WITH BLACK COATS ARE THE MOST DIFFICULT TO FIND HOMES FOR?  Many black -coated cats and dogs languish for days or months in shelters (and even end up being euthanized) because potential adopters overlook them in favor of those with coats of other colors.  Please consider adopting an animal with a black coat!

AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION:  4/18/11:   We have kittens!  Layla (approx. 1.5 years old) and her 4 kittens (born on Wednesday, April 13, 2011) were rescued from a backyard in North Philly.  Animal Rescue Network received a call saying that a mama cat had just given birth to a litter of kittens in a backyard.  The caller said that the mama and kittens were in a box under a canvas tarp and asked us to come and rescue them, which we did.  A trip to the Vet revealed that mama and babies are in good health and doing fine.

We named the mom Layla.  Her kittens are Lulu, Lele, Lennie and Louie.

Two kittens are male – (one is all black (Lennie), and one is black with some white markings on his toes and tummy (Louie.)   Two are female – one is all black (Lele), and one is black with a white patch on her lower tummy (Lulu.)  Their beautiful coats are soft and glistening – just like their mom’s.

4/23/11 @ 2:00 am.:  The kittens are 10 days old now and are growing quickly.  One of the female babies opened her eyes 2 days ago – amazing!  The others are just now beginning to open theirs.  For now they’re just eating and sleeping (and growing.)   So adorable……….

4/23/11 @ 4:50 p.m.:  The other female opened her eyes today.  The boys’ eyes are only partially opened but I bet by tomorrow they’ll be open too.  It’s amazing how much they’ve grown in the past week!  Wow!

4/25/11 @ 6:50 p.m.:  All eyes are opened!

Well, one of the female babies decided to wander out of the nest today.  They’ve been in a large carrier (with the door open for the mama’s sake) all along but now that their eyes are open, they can hear, and they’ve got some mobility, one kitten decided to investigate things outside the carrier (and see where mom got to.)  She found her mom just outside the carrier and settled in for a quick snack.  Time to put up a pen to keep them contained!

5/3/11 @ 10:00 p.m.:  Tomorrow the kittens will be 3 weeks old!  They are navigating well and in a few days will most likely start skittering around.  For now they’re just getting the feel of what it’s like to walk without toppling over.  They started cutting their teeth yesterday.  I clipped the tips of their tiny nails to give their mama a break – you know how they knead when they’re nursing.  Will post more pics this week so you can track their growth progress along with us.

5/9/11:  The video shows the kittens in their pen scurrying around and getting some exercise.  Their mom can get in and out on her own to feed and clean them.  A good set up for all concerned!

5/11/11:  The kittens are 4 weeks old today.  They’ve all cut their baby teeth and now their mama sometimes meows when they’re nursing.  Ouch!!  They’re getting the hang of using the litter and doing very well at that.  And of course, mama is still helping them in that area.  They’re staying in my office so when I come in to use the computer, I let them out of their pen to run around and get some exercise.  And oh how they love that!  In a week I’ll introduce them to canned cat food.  Five weeks is about the right age.  For now, they’re still a bit too young.  And mama will still be there to supplement.  Gosh, they’re so cute at this age, aren’t they?

5/18/11:  Oh, for the love of God!  One of the kittens got caught in the door tonight as I was leaving the room.  He’s fine, he’s fine but I’m a wreck.  I wasn’t expecting it.  They’ve all been running around and playing but no one had ever run after me when I was leaving the room – until tonight.    Oh, I felt so bad………..but thank God, he’s fine.   That won’t happen again because now I’ll be more alert for the silent scampering of little feet.

The kittens are 5 weeks old today and two are now interested in eating cat food and the other 2 are lagging a bit behind.  But no worries….in a day or two they’ll all be eating.

5/22/11:  The video of the kittens playing was just recorded today.  I filmed the kittens after they awakened from their nap, ate, and started to play.  Aren’t they adorable?

5/30/11:  Set up the air conditioner in the kitties’ room today.  It was simply getting too hot and humid in there even with a window fan and the ceiling fan going.  Layla, especially, seems to be more comfortable.

Baby Lulu wanders outside the nest to find mama


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