12 Apr
ADOPTED:  Charlie, his mom, and his littermate were rescued on a cold, rainy night from a backyard in Mt. Airy.  The mom had given birth to her 2 babies under a bush and the home owner called us to rescue them.  
Charlie was adopted by a lovely family in Mt. Airy.  He was a belated Christmas gift for their 16 year old daughter, Dana. Dana was heartbroken when just before Christmas Charlie developed a slight illness that required Vet care.  We preferred to keep Charlie in foster care during his treatment period.  Although somewhat disappointed, Dana and her mom were willing to wait for Charlie while we got him the necessary Vet care.  Well, Charlie was better in no time and is absolutely loving his new home.  See comments from Charlie’s family below….. 

Hi Terry,
   I just want to wish you a very Happy Holiday….Can you believe it’s been a year since you introduced us to Charlie?….Well, he is quite a character…He has come a long way from the shy and insecure little kitten…He knows his mommy (Dana)…snuggles up with her and no one else….He is a fast learner…He knows what he can and can not do….Dana loves him dearly and the rest of the family also…He knows to stay inside, and runs to the door when he hears the chime on the alarm….We put our Christmas tree up and I was worried that he might try to get to some of the trimmings, but he just looks at it with fascination…he knows how to listen….I am attaching some pictures…Let me know if you get them.

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  1. James April 12, 2011 at 7:13 pm #

    The slideshow is awesome

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