Kittery (orange tabby) and LaPaz (black)

10 Apr

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ADOPTED:  These two kitties (adopted by Amy and her husband) and their brothers, Rusty and Raspy (adopted by Cindy and her family), were rescued during a ferocious rain storm in August 2009 from a backyard in Overbrook.  Somehow their mother was smart enough to get the kittens up off the ground and we found them on a pile of rubbish under a piece of plastic sheeting.  Their mother, Sophie, was wild with fear, hunger, and stress.  But all were rescued and brought inside to the safety of their foster home where they thrived. 

Amy wrote……………….

Hi Terry,

The kitties are awesome. This is a photo from a couple months ago of Kittery and LaPaz with our dog, Sydney.   They have a lot of personality and tolerate each other very well.   But the brothers love to wrestle and keep each other company.   Thanks!
🙂 Amy



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