10 Apr


On 3/2/11 Pete wrote…………

Hi Terry:
I hope you’re well and just wanted to update you on Sienna. Everything continues fine – she’s been by herself this week while I was at work and everything is fine. She’s active but not destructive. She’s sitting next to me now. She likes the bed, all the windows to look out and prefers toy mice to balls. She’s not a big opera fan but seems to like hockey. She’s getting used to things and the sounds around the apartment. I haven’t given her wet food yet but she doesn’t seem to mind. I’ll probably give her some over the weekend. Otherwise, she’s stayed off the counter even when I’m preparing something which is nice – my last cat wasn’t always as successful with that. And litter box is fine.
So, all good news – thanks for everything. 
Best, Pete

On 6/7/11 Pete wrote……….

Hi Terry,
Thanks for your email –  I hope all is well with you.
Yes, Siena and I are getting along fine – everything is great. She really is sweet – as you said – and what a cuddler! She likes to put her paws over my legs (or arms if I’m lying in bed) and then rest her head on me. She loves all the windows and usually sits and checks out her kingdom while I get ready for work. There’s plenty to look at: birds, squirrels, dogs and activity in the back. The fact that I’m not around during the day doesn’t seem to affect her. Thanks again for matching us up — I’ll do what I can about a picture.
Have a great summer! 
Pete and Siena

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