Polly and Pyro

10 Apr

ADOPTED:  I’m Patty, and in June, my family and I adopted two cats that Terry had fostered, Polly and Pyro.  I’ve attached pictures of them.
Polly was named Polly because she is a Polydactyl.  As a matter of fact all of her kittens with the exception of one are also polydactyls.  You can see their extra toes in some of the pictures.  Pyro was originally called Pirate while Terry was fostering the litter.  When my son and I first considered adopting Polly and one of her kittens, Pirate was chosen by Daniel because he was the only male kitten in the litter.  Anyway, my son wanted to name him Io after one of Jupiter’s moons until he learned that Io was a female name.  So we combined the names, Pirate and Io, and came up with Pyro.  It really suits him.  He’s always getting into trouble, plus he’s sort of the color of fire.
Polly had a hard time adjusting to our dog, Sandie.  But Pyro just took over.  No matter how bossy Sandie is, it does not deter Pyro.  Polly would sit on the basement steps if our dog was around and would come upstairs after Sandie was out of the room.  (You could tell that Polly was listening to the jingle of Sandie’s collar to determine just how far away she was).  Polly no longer spends time on the basements stairs, instead prefers the sunny kitchen window sill.  Polly came to us not knowing how to play or cuddle.  And was very shy of my hand approaching her to scratch her chin.  She is coming around, happily.  She would watch Pyro play and soon learned that it’s fun and she’s safe.  Although she prefers the string to the toy at the end of the string.  She now goes after my son’s shoelaces when he’s tying them.  Polly never gets up on the furniture, instead is content to sit or lay by your ankles and now offers her chin up for a good scratching.
Pyro, like any toddler, is fascinated by water.  As a kitten, he would keep me company in the bathroom just waiting for the toilet to flush and had to be witness to the rush of water and subsequent “swirl.”  Sorry for the graphic depiction, but it has to be told.  Although Terry always expected that he would fall in one day, it never came to be.  His fixation does not include participation, only observation.  When I wash my face, he’s sitting right there waiting to lick the water droplets off my cheek.  As soon as I’m finished in the shower, he jumps in to catch the drops of water as they run down the walls.  If his feet get wet that doesn’t bother him.  It’s worth it!  After recently purchasing a new washing machine that happens to have a glass lid, I noticed Pyro sitting atop it mesmerized by the back and forth motion of the contents.  Even a glass of ice water will keep him focused for quite a while.  He will stare into the glass and reach around behind it in an attempt to grab the ice cubes.  He hasn’t figured out the glass walls yet.  He has plenty of toys, but like a child on Christmas morning, would rather play with the box or bag it came in.  Oh yeah, he enjoys sitting in front of the monitor to chase the mouse arrow.  He just can’t figure out why he can’t catch it when it goes off the side of the screen, although he does check around back just in case it’s there.  He’s a cuddler too.  If I’m working or reading, he will sit right in front of me, then put his paw on my chest and gently coax me to sit back so he can climb aboard and curl up.  Who can say no to that?

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2 Responses to “Polly and Pyro”

  1. Patty and Danny April 21, 2011 at 8:37 pm #

    Congratulations on the new blog! It’s great! Polly and Pyro are stars now and it’s nice to see the others that found forever homes too. We’re all very happy. Thanks to all of you for your devotion and hard work.

    • terrymay2000 April 21, 2011 at 9:35 pm #

      Thanks Patty and Danny for being the first to comment on our new blog. We are thrilled with the way it turned out. We owe our thanks to Melanie, Dean, James and Jonathan from St. Joseph’s University for designing this site for us. Thanks, too, Patty for the thorough and entertaining write-up about Polly and Pyro. You know that we here at ARN adore getting updates from our clients/adopters. Keep ’em coming!

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