Adoption Event this Saturday

18 Feb

If you have questions about our adoption event, contact Terry —

terrymay2000@ verizon.netimage


We’ve had several adoptions in 2013

31 Dec

Trudy was our most recent adoption.  She went to her forever home and now belongs to a lovely young couple living in Manayunk.

Lovable Trudy on the day she was removed from a feral colony and placed in foster care.
Lovable Trudy on the day she was removed from a feral colony and placed in foster care.

Momma Candi and her four little ones.

21 May


Overbrook Strays

6 May

Ever irksome, the number of abandoned or dumped cats that show up in feral colonies. In the past month alone, two new boys arrived, one with a broken jaw, another with a severe upper respiratory infection. Both are on the mend, and will soon be available for adoption.


Aubrey & Ozzie

2 Apr

Update: Aubrey & Ozzie were adopted together, and now have a wonderful home!

On February 2, we got a cross-posted e-mail from the staff if a nearby City recreation center. A cat had given birth on their lawn, and she and her two kittens needed to be rescued. ARN went and picked up the little cat family, a beautiful, pale gray tabby, and her two brown tabby kittens about ten days old (their eyes were just beginning to open), a tiny boy, and an even tinier little girl. We rushed them home and set them up in a cage with a heated bed, but sadly, it was too late for the little female kitten. She died about an hour later.

Then we faced a near-crisis when it looked as if Aubrey was not producing milk – it turned out she was, but only in the breast Ozzie (named for Ozzie, a contestant on the TV series, Survivor)was using. Then, another scare – Ozzie’s feet swelled up so badly that the skin burst. All we can figure is that the heating pad should have been covered, and it wasn’t. So the poor little kitty had to have his wounds bathed twice a day and ointment applied, and also have a few drops of Clavamox twice a day. We were afraid he might grow up hating humans after such an inauspicious start in life, but he has inherited his mom’s pleasant, easy-going temperament, and does not appear to be holding a grudge!

We are hoping that they can be adopted together, because they are bonded, and we think Aubrey is fairly young herself. In the meantime, they would benefit by being in a foster home where they don’t have to be caged. It would be much better for their health & happiness!






Marco Polo

2 Apr

Marco Polo was exploring Mount Airy when he wandered into a feral trapping project and found himself – surprise! – trapped! He was wearing a flea collar, but no ID, and was very thin. His long coat was matted, and in spite of the collar, he had fleas.

Marco has thrived in foster care – he has filled out, been neutered, vaccinated, and treated for fleas. He is very friendly, playful, and needs his own loving, forever home!


Valentine’s Adoption Event – Sunday, February 12…….2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

9 Feb

Location:  6819 Green Street, Philadelphia, PA 19119 – at the Moving Arts Studio of Mount Airy (directly across the street from Weaver’s Way Co-op.)

We’re joining forces with other rescues this Sunday, February 12th,  from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. for a cat, dog, and pet rat adoption event! 

The rescues attending are: 

Cares4Pets….they will be bringing adorable dogs that are looking for forever homes…

Rat Chick Rat Rescue…they will be bringing the most adorable pet rats that are also looking for forever homes…

And of course, Animal Rescue Network, who will be bringing the sweetest kitties on the planet…

We’re going to have so much fun and we’re hoping you’ll join us.  So please come out and bring the whole family.  Who knows, maybe you’ll fall in love with one of our precious adoptable pets.


Kitten walks into my life. Needs foster care…

13 Jan

1/12/12:  I was out back feeding my garage cat crew Tuesday and in walks this little black kitten, starving and frightened. The vet said she’s about 10 weeks old. She spent the night at the vet’s last night and today she was tested for FIV and FeLV(negative), de-wormed and vaccinated for FVRCP. Poor little thing. I wonder if she’s someone’s discarded Christmas present????

Would love to get her into foster care until she’s old enough and weighs enough to be spayed, if anyone out there is interested.

Call Terry at 215-878-0444 or email

Cat’s life saved by kind, compassionate rescuers from East Falls

17 Dec

Last weekend, we received a call from a woman in East Falls who said that her daughter had been feeding a feral cat in their backyard for a while.  She said they feared the cat might be pregnant since her belly looked distended.  She said they tried to catch the cat several times but the cat would run when approached.  We offered the woman the use of one of our traps, which she accepted, and gave her detailed instructions on how to set it up properly for maximum effectiveness.  In the meantime we made an appointment at the Cube for the cat for the following day.

At first the cat didn’t want to go into the trap but we told her to take out the bait she was using and put in sardines.  And voila!  The cat immediately went into the trap.  Success!!

By 11:30 a.m. the following day, the cat was out of surgery and when the woman and her daughter arrived to pick her up, they were shocked when the Cube staff told them the cat was not pregnant BUT she had been suffering from pyometra, which is an infected uterus.  They told her the cat’s uterus contained 4 pounds of pus.  They also told her the cat would have died if they hadn’t gotten her when they did.

The woman and her daughter saved this cat’s life, so a HUGE congratulations goes out to them.  They have taken the cat into their home for the 2 weeks required for recovery and have set her up in a nice dog crate so she can recuperate comfortably.

Let’s think about this for a minute…….with all the hectic schedules people have in their lives today, these two women put their lives on hold to rescue this cat.  They went online to find someone who could give them guidance and help.  They jumped in their car to come to pick up the trap we offered.  They ran home and immediately set up the trap – AND trapped the cat.  They brought the trapped cat into their home for the night and the next morning got up early to take the cat to the clinic.  Then they made themselves available all day to go get the cat post-surgery when the clinic called.  And finally, without question, they agreed to care for the cat for two weeks while she goes through her recovery period and administer antibiotics as well.  These people are the salt of the earth.  It’s people like Marie, and her daughter, Tracy, who jump right in and get the job done, who make our hearts sing.  Thank you, Marie and Tracy, for a job well done!


Carlos & Rosie

16 Nov
RosieCarlos at the WindowCarlos ExploresCarlos with PlushCarlos meets Red

Carlos & Rosie, a set on Flickr.

We hope they will be adopted together – mom and son are bonded, and play nicely together.